Cheap Sr22 Insurance Tn: A complete Review

In Tennessee, individuals with convictions for specific severe infractions, like DUI or driving uninsured, might need to obtain SR-22 insurance.

You can either make a request for SR-22 insurance from your current insurance provider or initiate a new policy with a different insurer.

Cheap Sr22 Insurance Tn
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Subsequently, your insurance company will send the SR-22 certificate to the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS), providing evidence that you possess auto insurance capable of covering another driver’s injuries or damages in case you’re responsible for an accident.

Which insurance providers provide the most affordable SR-22 rates in Tennessee?

The rates for SR-22 insurance in Tennessee can significantly differ among different insurers.

Progressive stands out as the most economical choice, with an average annual cost of $451 for a driver holding an SR-22 certificate.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nationwide is the priciest option, averaging $2,190 per year.

This chart illustrates the comparative SR-22 insurance quotes for 30-year-olds from different insurers in Tennesse

Annual car insurance rate increases with SR-22 in Tennessee by insurer:

Insurer Average Rate SR-22 Rate with DUI % Change
Progressive $376 $451 19.95%
State Farm $402 $670 66.67%
USAA $372 $801 115.32%
Tennessee Farmers $479 $833 73.90%
Allstate $687 $994 44.69%
Geico $492 $1,398 184.15%
Nationwide $1,116 $2,190 96.24%


This table outlines the percentage increase in annual car insurance rates with SR-22 in Tennessee for various insurers, along with their average rates and rates specifically for drivers with a DUI.

Comparing SR-22 rates from various insurers is crucial since each company assesses risk factors and drivers differently.

Obtaining multiple quotes is essential to identify the most cost-effective and inclusive option.

Additionally, it’s advisable to inquire with your existing insurer about potential discounts.

Savings on Tennessee car insurance can often be discovered based on factors such as the type of vehicle you own or measures you’ve taken to enhance your driving safety.

What exactly is an SR-22 in Tennessee?

An SR-22 is an official document issued by your insurance company directly to the state of Tennessee.

An SR-22 certifies you have required car insurance, and the company takes financial responsibility if you’re at fault in an accident, up to your policy limits, often called a certificate of future financial responsibility.

Typically required for Tennessee drivers identified as high-risk, usually following the suspension of their licenses, SR-22 filings are necessitated due to various reasons.

Common causes for license suspension in Tennessee include DUI convictions, driving without insurance, or multiple convictions for minor infractions, such as speeding tickets over a short timeframe.

To reinstate your license, you must provide evidence that you possess SR-22 insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements.

Non-owner SR-22 insurance in Tennessee

Even if you don’t own a vehicle or have one registered to you, you may still need to file for an SR-22 to restore your driving privileges in Tennessee.

This situation may arise if you receive a DUI while driving someone else’s car or if you sold your car during a period when your license was suspended.

To legally drive a car while mandated to have an SR-22, you can obtain a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy.

Quotes for non-owner SR-22 coverage are often more economical than those for a standard SR-22 policy, as they provide protection solely for you as the driver, without coverage for the vehicle you’re operating.

How do I obtain SR-22 insurance in Tennessee?

SR-22 forms are directly issued by your insurance company to the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS).

You won’t need to complete the form yourself; simply inform your insurance provider of your need for one.

Most major insurers in Tennessee offer SR-22 coverage, but your current insurer may cancel your policy after a license suspension, with no assurance of reinstating coverage as a high-risk driver.

Even if your current insurer didn’t cancel your policy during your license suspension, it’s advisable to thoroughly explore options to find the most cost-effective SR-22 insurance.

Opting for a specialized SR-22 insurer, such as Acceptance Auto Insurance, might yield a more favorable quote compared to mainstream insurers like Geico or Progressive that also provide SR-22 coverage.

Regardless of the chosen insurer, expect an increase in auto insurance costs if you require an SR-22.

In Tennessee, drivers facing SR-22 requirements experience a 93% hike in car insurance premiums after a DUI, a prevalent reason for needing SR-22 insurance.

You must wait until the Tennessee DOS confirms the receipt of your SR-22 before applying for license reinstatement and resuming driving privileges. Verify the status of your SR-22 and license reinstatement on the Tennessee DOS website.

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Tennessee’s Minimum Coverage Standards

If you need an SR-22, you must adhere to the same insurance minimums as all other Tennessee drivers:

  • $25,000 of bodily injury (BI) liability coverage per person
  • $50,000 of BI liability coverage per accident
  • $15,000 in personal property liability coverage

However, it’s advisable to consider higher coverage levels, especially if you face an increased risk of accidents.

SR-22 Removal Eligibility in Tennessee

SR-22 forms are compulsory in Tennessee for up to five years after a license suspension.

Yet, by maintaining continuous SR-22 coverage for three years, you can request the removal of the SR-22 requirement.

While this may result in a reduction in insurance rates, the decrease is unlikely to bring you back to the pre-suspension rate.

Average Expenses for SR-22 Auto Insurance in Tennessee
If you have a DUI in your driving history and need to submit an SR-22, anticipate an average annual cost of $667 for minimum coverage auto insurance in Tennessee. This figure increases to $1,606 for full coverage.
Filing an SR-22 may also be necessary for other driving infractions, such as at-fault accidents and speeding. Accumulating multiple moving violations within a condensed timeframe might similarly mandate the filing of an SR-22.
Instances of driving offenses generally lead to adverse impacts on insurance premiums, as insurers perceive individuals with such records as higher risks to insure.

| Age Group: 30-59 | | Coverage: Minimum Coverage |

Driving Record: Annual Premium Monthly Premium
At-Fault Accident $534 $45
Ticket $424 $35
DUI $667 $56
Clean Record $340 $28


Impact of SR-22 on Car Insurance Rates in Tennessee

When filing an SR-22 form in Tennessee, anticipate an average annual increase of $322 in your auto insurance premium.

The extent of this increase can vary depending on the severity of the offense, your driving history, and other contributing factors.

You may be required to file an SR-22 if you have a DUI, a serious driving violation, multiple infractions within a short timeframe, an accident without the necessary insurance, or unpaid child support payments.

Comparison of Car Insurance Rates Based on Driving Records in Tennessee:

Driving Record Annual Premium for Minimum Coverage
Clean Driving Record $345
After a DUI $667


Car insurance premiums following a DUI, on average, are $322 more, marking a 93% increase in costs

Additional Impacts of SR-22 on Car Insurance in Tennessee

Beyond the potential increase in insurance premiums, the submission of an SR-22 may lead to a reduction in available insurance options, incurring filing fees, or even the cancellation of your insurance altogether.

  1. Limited Insurance Options:
    • Insurance providers often consider drivers filing SR-22 forms as higher risks, resulting in a reduced number of insurers willing to cover such individuals.
  2. Possible Policy Cancellation:
    • Filing an SR-22 could lead to the mid-term cancellation of your existing car insurance policy by your provider.
  3. Required Filing Duration:
    • In Tennessee, the obligation to file an SR-22 lasts for a minimum of three years (36 months), and it can extend up to five years (60 months) based on the severity of the infraction.
  4. Filing Fees:
    • There is a mandatory one-time SR-22 filing fee in Tennessee, ranging from $15 to $35, contingent upon your chosen insurer

Obtaining SR-22 Insurance in Tennessee: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you require auto insurance in Tennessee following a violation necessitating an SR-22 filing, adhere to these steps:

Search for insurers catering to individuals with driving violations.

Identify insurance companies that specialize in coverage for individuals with driving infractions.

Evaluate options considering cost, customer satisfaction, and claims denial rates.

Compare available choices based on factors such as affordability, customer feedback, and the rate of claims denial.

Select an insurance policy that meets or exceeds the state’s minimum liability requirements.

Opt for an insurance plan that satisfies at least the minimum liability coverage mandated by the state.

Have your insurance provider submit the SR-22 form on your behalf.

Ensure your chosen insurance provider completes and submits the SR-22 form to the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

Continue paying the necessary fees to maintain the validity of your SR-22 form.

Stay current with required payments to ensure that your SR-22 form remains valid and in compliance with regulatory obligations.

Exploring Cost-Effective Auto Insurance Options in Tennessee Post-DUI

1. Swiftly Compare Quotes

Efficiently evaluate quotes from various providers to secure budget-friendly SR-22 car insurance. Premium costs can vary significantly, so thorough comparison is key.

2. Participate in DUI Classes or Programs

Engage in approved DUI programs in Tennessee, offering education and assessments. Completion may reduce future violations, lowering risk and potentially leading to more affordable insurance premiums.

3. Seek Eligibility for Discounts

While a safe driver discount may be unavailable with a DUI, explore other potential discounts such as low mileage, student, senior, military, bundling, or payment discounts.

4. Prioritize Safe Driving Practices

Given a prior DUI, exercise heightened caution when driving to avoid additional violations. Consider reducing your driving frequency or distance for added safety.

5. Periodically Review Insurance Rates

Insurance rates fluctuate over time, and the most economical option today might not remain so. Regularly compare rates during policy renewals to ensure ongoing affordability.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Regarding SR-22 Insurance in Tennessee

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about SR-22 insurance rates and providers in Tennessee.

1. Affordable Options for SR-22 Car Insurance in Tennessee

Discover the most economical SR-22 insurance choices in Tennessee, with State Farm leading as the provider offering minimum coverage at $233 per year and full coverage at $622 per year. For non-owner auto insurance, Auto-Owners and USAA offer the cheapest options at $295 for minimum coverage.

2. Average Increase in Car Insurance Rates with SR-22 Filing

Understand the average impact of filing an SR-22 on car insurance rates in Tennessee. The degree of influence is influenced by the violation type and your driving history. For those with a clean record, the average annual cost for minimum coverage is $345, increasing to $424 for speeding tickets, $534 for at-fault accidents, and $667 for DUIs.

3. Duration of SR-22 Requirement in Tennessee

Learn about the mandatory duration for SR-22 filing in Tennessee. The filing requirement persists for three to five years, contingent upon the severity of the infraction.

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