Cheap SR22 Insurance Kansas: A Complete Analysis

State Farm and Progressive offer the most affordable SR-22 insurance in Kansas, with rates around $308 and $379 per year for minimum coverage.

For those who need SR-22 insurance but don’t own a car, Auto-Owners Insurance and State Farm provide the best non-owner rates, at $239 and $296 annually.

Drivers required to file an SR-22, typically due to a DUI,

Cheap SR22 Insurance Kansas:
Cheap SR22 Insurance Kansas: image source [Cheap SR22 Insurance Kansas Information and Instant Quotes]

DWI, or multiple driving violations, must register the form with the state to confirm they have the necessary coverage for high-risk drivers.

We examined the most economical insurance options for both car owners and non-owners in Kansas.

Cheapest SR-22 Insurance in Kansas for 2024

Cheapest Companies for SR-22 Car Insurance in Kansas

For drivers needing minimum coverage:

  • State Farm: $308 per year
  • Progressive: $379 per year

For full coverage policies, the most affordable options are:

  • State Farm: $922 per year
  • American Family: $994 per year

While car insurance rates increase after a driving violation, finding affordable SR-22 insurance is possible with the right provider.

The table below highlights the cheapest SR-22 car insurance companies in Kansas, with rates ranging from $308 to $1,159 per year.

Data Filtered By:

Age Group: 30-59
Coverage: Minimum Coverage
Driving Violation: DUI

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
State Farm $308 $26
Progressive $379 $32
Nationwide $419 $35
American Family $529 $44
Farmers $589 $49
Travelers $591 $49
Farmers Union Insurance $699 $58
Iowa Farm Bureau $787 $66
Allstate $790 $66
Dairyland $905 $75
Auto-Owners Insurance Co $909 $76
GEICO $1,106 $92
Shelter $1,159 $97

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What Is SR-22 in Kansas?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility mandated by the state, not an insurance policy.

You might need an SR-22 after a DUI or DWI, multiple traffic violations, or other offenses.

Depending on the violation and your driving record, you may need to maintain this coverage for up to three years.

When you file for an SR-22, your insurance rates might increase because you’re considered a higher-risk driver.

The SR-22 must stay on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a specified period, usually three years.

Your insurance provider will complete the SR-22 form and submit it to the Kansas DMV.

This document details your coverage liabilities, including policy limits for bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Although SR-22s are not insurance policies, the term “SR-22 insurance” is often used for simplicity.

Cheapest Companies for Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance in Kansas

In Kansas, the most affordable non-owner car insurance can be found with the following companies:

  • Auto-Owners Insurance: $239 per year
  • State Farm: $296 per year

For those affiliated with the military, USAA offers competitive rates, averaging $261 annually for drivers in Kansas.

If you don’t own a car and your license has been revoked or suspended due to a DUI or another serious traffic offense, non-owner car insurance is essential to regain your license.

We reviewed the premiums of non-owner auto insurance providers in Kansas and found they range from $239 to $677 per year.

Data Filtered By:

Driving Violation: Accident $1000-$1999 Property Damage

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Auto-Owners Insurance Co $239 $20
State Farm $296 $25
GEICO $405 $34
Travelers $473 $39
Nationwide $603 $50

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner car insurance covers third-party bodily injury and property damage caused by driving non-owned vehicles.

It’s ideal for those who frequently rent cars or borrow vehicles.

Average Cost of SR-22 Car Insurance in Kansas

In Kansas, a driver with an SR-22 and DUI on their record typically pays around $705 annually for minimum coverage and $1,729 for full coverage car insurance.

Even minor offenses, like speeding tickets or being at fault in an accident, may require an SR-22, which can also increase your premium.

Data Filtered By:

Age Group: 30-59
Coverage: Minimum Coverage

Driving Record Annual Premium Monthly Premium
At-Fault Accident $624 $52
DUI $705 $59
Ticket $534 $45
Clean $405 $34


How SR-22 Affects Car Insurance Rates in Kansas

In Kansas, drivers with SR-22s pay an average of $286 more annually than those with clean records.

Insurers consider SR-22 drivers higher risk, and rates generally stay elevated during the certification period.

Car Insurance Rate Comparison Based on Driving Records in Kansas

Clean Driving Record
Annual Premium for Minimum Coverage: $419

After a DUI
Annual Premium for Minimum Coverage: $705

Car insurance premiums after a DUI are on average $286 more, which is 68% higher.

Other Effects of SR-22 on Car Insurance in Kansas

Beyond increased premiums, filing an SR-22 in Kansas can have other impacts on your insurance:

  1. Limited Number of Insurance Options
    Drivers with SR-22s have fewer insurance providers to choose from, making it harder to find a suitable policy.
  2. Possible Policy Cancellation
    Your current insurer might cancel your policy due to the SR-22 filing.
  3. Length of Required Filing
    Depending on the violation, you may need to maintain the SR-22 for one to three (sometimes five) years in Kansas.
  4. Higher Liability Coverage Limits
    While some states increase liability coverage limits with an SR-22, Kansas keeps the standard limits:

    • $25,000 in bodily injury liability
    • $50,000 in total bodily injury per accident
    • $25,000 in property damage liability
    • $25,000 in uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury liability
    • $50,000 in total uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
  5. Filing Fees
    A one-time SR-22 filing fee, usually between $15 and $50, may be required.

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How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Kansas

To comply with Kansas laws, follow these steps to get SR-22 insurance:

  1. Find an insurance company that offers coverage for drivers with violations.
  2. Purchase a policy that meets Kansas’s minimum liability requirements.
  3. Ask your insurer to file an SR-22 form and pay any associated fees.
  4. Renew your SR-22 as necessary to maintain compliance.

Kansas License Reinstatement Fee

Reinstating a driver’s license in Kansas generally costs between $75 and $150, depending on the circumstances.

Check with your local DMV for specific reinstatement costs.

How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance in Kansas After a DUI

Filing an SR-22 after a DUI conviction in Kansas increases your car insurance costs. Here are steps to lower your SR-22 insurance rates:

Compare Quotes:

Compare rates from different companies to find the best DUI insurance options.

Complete DUI Classes or Programs:

Enroll in DUI programs to reduce future offenses and potentially lower your premiums.

Completing these programs may earn you a discount with some insurers.

Look for Discounts:

Check if you qualify for discounts, such as for multiple cars under the same policy or age-related discounts.

Practice Safe Driving:

Prove responsible driving behavior and drive less if possible.

Shop Rates Over Time:

Insurance prices change, so periodically request quotes from various companies to find better rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SR-22 Insurance in Kansas

What are the cheapest SR-22 car insurance options in Kansas?

State Farm offers the most affordable SR-22 insurance in Kansas, with minimum coverage at $308 per year and full coverage at $922 per year.

How much does filing an SR-22 increase car insurance rates, on average?

Filing an SR-22 typically indicates a major offense, leading to higher premiums. In Kansas, a DUI can raise premiums by about $286.

How long do you need to have an SR-22 in Kansas?

In Kansas, an SR-22 is generally required for at least three years, though this period may vary based on the specific offense.

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