Cheap Auto Insurance Killeen TX: A Complete Review

The average cost of auto insurance in Killeen is $631 per six months, which is lower than both the Texas state average ($707) and the national average ($880).

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect to pay based on factors like age, credit score, and more in Killeen.

Cheap Auto Insurance Killeen TX
Cheap Auto Insurance Killeen TX: Image source [MarketWatch]

Car Insurance in Killeen vs. Texas

Location Average 6-Month Premium
Killeen average $631
Texas average $707


Key Takeaways About Car Insurance in Killeen:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Killeen is $631 per six-month policy or approximately $105 per month.
  • The cheapest provider in Killeen is GEICO, with an average premium of $528 per six months.
  • 37% of Zebra customers in Killeen reported using our service because they were paying too much with their current provider.

Killeen Car Insurance Rates by Company

The best way to save on auto insurance is to compare rates from as many companies as possible, selecting the provider that offers the most affordable quote.

In Killeen, GEICO provides the cheapest premiums for the typical insurance buyer. Below are the top options for affordable insurance in Killeen.

Don’t forget to get car insurance quotes based on your unique driving profile.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Killeen, TX

Company Avg. 6-Month Premium GEICO $528 USAA $561 State Farm $571 Allstate $1,040 GEICO $528

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global.

These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into the estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page.

This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop Around for the Best Rates

The only way to know which company offers the cheapest coverage for you is to compare. Our comparison tool will do the legwork for you.

Enter your ZIP code to see rates from Progressive, State Farm, GEICO, USAA, and other top companies to find the best and cheapest car insurance in Killeen.

Killeen Auto Insurance Rates by Age

Our data indicates that drivers between the ages of 20-29 make up 37% of Killeen drivers.

The best age for car insurance rates in Killeen is in your 50s, with drivers in this age group paying an average of $545 per six months.

Rates for Killeen drivers in their 60s are also relatively affordable, at just $562 per six months.

Teenage drivers aged 16 to 19 pay the most for car insurance in Killeen.

One of the most effective ways to lower your car insurance rates as a driver in Killeen is to age out of your teens.

The cost differential between the car insurance premiums paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s in Killeen is $1,544, the largest such difference between any two age brackets.

Killeen Auto Insurance Costs by Age

Age Bracket Avg. 6-Month Premium Teens $1,593 20s, $820 30s $621 40s $604 50s $545 60s $562 70s $687

Killeen Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

A good credit score often results in lower car insurance costs.

Drivers with higher credit scores typically pay less for auto insurance than those with less-than-stellar credit histories.

Killeen drivers who improve their credit score from the “Very Poor” tier (300-579) to the “Exceptional” tier (800-850) see an average 60% decrease in their auto insurance costs.

Improving your credit to “Fair” can help you earn a $531 decrease in six-month insurance premiums.

Our data shows that 42% of drivers in Killeen have a credit score of “Average” (580-679).

Killeen Auto Insurance Costs by Credit Level

Credit Tier Avg. 6-Month Premium Very Poor $1,313 Fair $782 Good $631 Very Good $586 Exceptional $523

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Killeen Car Insurance Costs by Violation

Avoiding accidents and citations is crucial to keeping your auto insurance rates affordable.

Speeding citations, reckless driving charges, DUIs and DWIs, and at-fault accidents all lead to rate increases.

Killeen drivers found guilty of reckless driving face a rate increase of $671 per year compared to the city average.

A speeding ticket results in a $105 rate hike, while a DWI or DUI violation costs $687 per year in extra insurance expenditures.

Killeen Auto Insurance Rates After a Violation

Incident Avg. 6-Month Premium DUI/DWI $974 Reckless Driving $966 At-fault Accident (damages less than $1,000) $794 At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2,000) $949 Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit) $684

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